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Crosscall - Rugged Outdoor Mobile Technology for Extreme Environments

Crosscall specialises in outdoor mobile technology, offering a rugged range of smartphones, tablets, and accessories built to endure the harshest  of environments. 

These rugged communication devices are engineered to endure the most extreme conditions, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals in demanding industries such as military, law enforcement, construction and emergency services environments where critical communication is vital.

Crosscall devices are known for their robust design, with features including shock resistance, dust and water protection, and extended battery life. The company’s innovative X-Link technology enables seamless connectivity with a variety of rugged accessories, enhancing the functionality and user experience of their rugged mobile devices. 

Committed to sustainability, Crosscall integrates eco-friendly practices throughout its product lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to recycling and disposal.

With a strong focus on real-world applications and user needs, Crosscall continues to set industry standards in rugged mobile technology, providing reliable, high-performance solutions that keep users connected and operational in the toughest environments.

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