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Intelligent wearable integrated IoT technology platform for real-time insights

Integrated wearable and environmental sensors platform for faster decision-making

We have partnered with Wearin’ to offer you a fully integrated solution that has connected wearable and environmental sensors which provide critical data in real time, helping improve live coordination and response times.

Powered by AI, our IoT platform enables immediate action in a crisis while also generating predictive insights that prevent future risk.

  • Connect in-mission personnel to line of command
  • Enhance situational awareness and live coordination
  • Reduce response times and prevent potential risks
  • Manage the entire end-to-end data flow

IoT platform powered by Ai to capture in-mission data

Wearin’ is an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to provide real-time insights through the capture of mission-critical data from connected sensors and devices.

With automated alerts and a digital interface, Wearin’ helps to protect against potential health and safety risks, enhance live coordination between teams, and enable remote guidance. This smart technology delivers reliable, actionable insights quickly and accurately.

Modular sensor ecosystem
A selection of sensors and devices are incorporated into gear, vehicles and surroundings to capture and process critical in-mission data.

AI-powered insights
Wearin’s algorithms use machine learning to detect immediate hazards and prevent potential risks with automatically generated alerts and predictive actions.

Customizable end-to-end solutions
Modular IoT hardware, cloud-based software and a user-friendly mobile app provide a complete solution that can integrate seamlessly into existing systems.

Secure data capture and transmission
End-to-end encryption protects sensitive information, while high-speed transmission ensures real-time data capture.

security equipment

Connected humans. Smarter missions.

Wearin’: A Connected Platform for Real-Time Status Monitoring

Wearin’ is a connected platform that digitalizes the real-time status of people in the field, giving insight into their location, environment and well-being.

This enables decision-makers to detect and prevent crisis situations more effectively. Key data is sent quickly to both user devices and control centers, while intelligent alerts and two-way communication ensure optimal coordination and response.

AI-powered data processing allows for incident detection such as heat stress, man down or attacks on armored vehicles, as well as predicting future risks.

detection equipment

A non-intrusive solution developed across a range of industries

detection equipment

Law Enforcement

Measure heart rate
Detect fatigue and heat stress and generate alarms

Detect weapon taken out of its holster and emergency situations
Monitor and send support with instant alarms

Monitor the agent’s position, inside and outside buildings
Keep people safe and ensure teams work effectively


Remotely view real-time video stream
Make tactical decisions with contextual information from body mounted cameras

Man down detection
Automatically send help

Monitor the soldier’s position and troops’ movement
Keep soldiers safe and ensure teams collaborate in combat


Measure heart rate
Detect fatigue and heat stress and generate alarms

Monitor the agent’s position, inside and outside buildings
Keep people safe and ensure teams work effectively

Capture building data

Monitor to make sure building areas have not been compromised 


First Responder

Capture site data (thermal cameras, microphone, etc.)
Increase safety of firrst responders through prevention and risk analysis

Monitor in real-time situation using video streaming
Global view from command center allows best decisions and team response

Detect falls
Automatically send help


Remotely guide maintenance using a camera
Speed up maintenance and reduce costs

Monitor the miner’s position, in underground and open pit mines
Keep people safe and ensure teams work effectively

Detect toxic gases
Notify miners and initiate repair


Detect falls
Automatically send help

Capture infrastructure data (thermal cameras, microphones, etc.)
Increase infrastructure uptime through early maintenance

Prevent collisions with heavy vehicles
Help workers get out of the way

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