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Tactical Solutions was formed in 1999 to offer government, law enforcement, defence, correctional, security and EMS organisations convenient and knowledgeable access to the world’s best operational equipment.​

Since then, we have evolved to creating custom solutions through leveraging our extensive network of international and local Australian suppliers.

We are able to draw on environment-led expertise, from staff and suppliers, that have been informed by many years of physical deployment in diverse theatres, and as a consequence of this on-the-ground experience deliver proven solutions to our clients.

Similarly, we have put a considerable amount of focus on building our internal resources to be able to offer you Tactical Solutions made apparel, soldier systems, technology advancements and training.

We are proud of being an integral cog in the maintenance of public safety and take our responsibilities seriously, delivering solutions that represent the best available worldwide.

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 “There’s always someone with the knowledge to help”

Our dedicated and experienced personnel offer a comprehensive skill-set to identify critical procurement outcomes and the solutions best suited to achieving a desired result and satisfactory ROI. We see ourselves, and the professionals we equip, as providing an essential service – one that the public can take for granted because it’s always there in the background.

It’s a role that requires constant attention – evaluating advances in technology and keeping up to date with evolving threats. The sales team at Tactical Solutions has an extensive knowledge base to draw on, having supplied solutions, equipment, uniforms and systems across a wide variety of deployment situations. Mission critical equipment and systems are our core competency, and behind that frontline delivery is an on-site warehouse and tech team, which are similarly experienced and maintain a ready supply of frequently ordered items and support.
“We’re dependable – the back up is always there”

As the systems available to the security and protection industries become increasingly sophisticated there is a corresponding increase in the requirement for after-sales support. At Tactical Solutions we are committed to sourcing and supporting the best products worldwide, and to back that up we have the expertise right here in Australia to guide customers on repair, replacement and upgrades.

Alongside this commitment we also offer custom-tailored service contracts, dedicated phone support and warranty management. It’s important to us that you feel confident dealing with Tactical Solutions and the brands that we proudly represent. Our reputation has been earned over a long period and the products we supply are top quality, in dealing with us you can be sure that you have a partner that’s always on call, 24/7.

“We’re a solutions provider – on your team, solving challenges”

We invest in an on-going education programme, with key members visiting equipment and systems developers in the USA and Europe to maintain a knowledge advantage that consistently means we can equip our clients with the best solutions. This expertise is a valuable resource during procurement projects where product comparison and technical consultation are vital in judging deployment suitability.

Our experienced team is available at the earliest stages of a project, to advise on uniform, apparel and equipment purchases and to design turnkey detection solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of technological advances and the in-house experience of people who have undertaken frontline duties underpin a culture of knowledge sharing and insight that’s been pivotal to the long-term relationships we’ve enjoyed in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

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