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Enhancing operational capability through custom solutions

Soldier systems are a suite of technical and physical capabilities developed by specialists to equip soldiers with advanced operational capability.

These soldier systems provide improved soldier performance and increased soldier safety, which can include improved communications capabilities, increased intelligence gathering abilities, improved navigation capabilities, and enhanced power management.

They often feature lighter-weight equipment for significant mobility gains, leading to greater soldier efficiency for tackling more challenging battlefield tasks.

Soldier systems also utilise cutting-edge materials to provide both protection and comfort, thus allowing soldier to operate safely and effectively in hazardous conditions.

As soldier systems continue to improve in terms of safety, comfort and agility they will increasingly set the standard as the leading soldier-focused solution in operations worldwide.

We offer years of experience in custom making soldier system solutions with key partnerships from industry leaders in their field and are capable of designing solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

Operational Platforms

Tactical Solutions offer innovative bespoke, state-of-the-art operational platforms that enhance the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) and increase operational effectiveness in the field.

The systems we offer are cutting-edge multi-mission Torso Sub Systems with significant step changes in lethality for the dismounted soldier over current load carriage and ballistic protection vests backed by intensive research and development and commitment to the end-user community.

Military Combat Gear

Over the last 23 years, Tactical Solutions have built a network of partners across the world to offer solutions of battle-proven gear across a wide variety of diverse theatres.

We offer fully bespoke combat gear solutions in Australia that offer protection in the field to allow soldiers to carry the necessary supplies, comfortably and ergonomically in the most extreme environments.

Gear typically includes body armor, helmets, and other protective equipment such as gloves, boots, kneepads, and eye protection.

Plate Carriers

Tactical Solutions have had years of experience with creating large-scale bespoke solutions for plate carriers across law enforcement, defence and security sectors.

We have developed our own framework of custom measure and fitting techniques that allow end users to most effectively, safely and ergonomically carry a plated tactical vest that will increase their survivability and offer the best comfort and access to their equipment.

Our focus is to offer a mission-specific tactical vest that forms the base of an integrated core soldier system.

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