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Ground Metal & Mine Detectors

Hand-held equipment built to withstand harsh military environments
Ground Metal & Mine Detectors

High performance hand-held metal detection

Although primarily used for mine and explosives detection, ground search metal detectors can also be used to search for practically any metal or part-metal object that’s near the surface, such as buried structures, missing persons or hidden entries.
Our first-choice ground search metal detector is the CEIA CMD, which is a combat proven performer with an excellent track record in reliability and detection capability.


Ground Search Detection


At Tactical Solutions, we have spent many years creating a reputation for quality security & detection equipment.
We hold a world-class portfolio of brands that are true market leaders in this category.

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Complete detection confidence

Rigorous product testing has resulted in equipment that’s superior in detection distance, soil compensation capability and immunity to external interference.

Featured Product


Metal Ground Detector

​One-piece folding design, ergonomic operation, exclusive automatic soil compensation system, modern control unit.


Tactical Solutions have spent many years creating a reputation for supplying quality security & detection equipment. We hold a world class stable of brands that are true market leaders within this category.

Effective Detection of all metal and minimum-metal content targets

  • Balanced, Lightweight design
  • One Piece Retractable design
  • Small packaging size
  • Accurate pin-pointing of the target’s position indicated by acoustic modulation and maskable LED display
  • High discrimination capability for adjacent targets
  • Automatic Compensation for mineralized and high natural metal content soil
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Long-Lasting battery life
  • Extremely high level of electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Operation monitored by a microcomputer controlled auto-diagnostic system
  • Completely digital electronics, with in-field program memory upgrade capability
  • Ease of operation with minimum training time required

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