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Body Worn Cameras

State-of-the-art front-line body-worn camera systems

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras

There is an ever-increasing trend of violence and abuse targeted at frontline workers,  health care professionals, retail personnel, and security-focused roles.

This is driving public safety concerns and accountability management transparency to the forefront of the agenda.
The need for de-escalation of aggression, frontline evidence, and transparency is becoming vital.

Tactical Solutions have partnered with Zepcam to offer you the best Body Worn Camera Solution in New Zealand.

Zepcam offers a professional end-to-end mobile video platform for bodycams, vehicle cameras and wireless CCTV for mission-critical purposes requiring an integrated approach of surveillance software and hardware.

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Bodycam Solutions for Professionals

  • Turnkey solution adaptable to your specific application, organisation, and legislation needs.
  • Rugged lightweight bodycams that are designed to be easy to use and fit for purpose.
  • Intuitive and efficient Video Evidence Management Software (VEMS) with the latest evidence management features.
  • Fully compliant with international privacy standards with auditable video processing, storage, and management.
  • Open, scalable, and secure software platform that integrates with your IT-systems.

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The in-house built software integrates seamlessly with Genetec Security Center, Milestone, Cisco VSOM, OnSSi/Seetec and several others.

With an extensive portfolio of body-worn cameras and mobile video systems in 40 different countries covering Police, Public Transport, Industry, Transport and Health they offer real-time GPS tracking as well as live streaming and monitoring from anywhere in the cloud.

Cameras can be securely accessed, in real-time, from any location for on-the-go monitoring and situational intelligence.

The systems use 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi for their live streaming units and an integrated docking system for their other products. They can be used for video evidence, reduction of aggression, lone worker situations, improving situational awareness and remote assistance of field engineers.

Mobile video systems can be deployed seamlessly, with minimal effort onto cars, vans, trucks, drones.

The camera can be controlled, managed and moved in real-time from the control centre.

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  • The T2+ bodycam has successfully been implemented by many law enforcement organisations and has resulted in a reduction of aggressive or abusive incidents.
  • Police departments in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Dubai, Singapore and many more have implemented their own ZEPCAM’s T2+ bodycam solution with great success.
  • Local law enforcement organisations such as municipal police, traffic wardens, public transport security and private security have successfully implemented their own T2+ bodycam solution, resulting in safer and improved working conditions for these frontline professionals and public servants.
  • Testing by many of these international organisations has resulted in the ZEPCAM T2+’s status as best-in-class in terms of footage and metadata quality, useability and robustness.
  • When necessary ZEPCAM’s T2+ bodycam has provided undisputable evidence that holds up in courts worldwide. 

ZEPCAM Manager

For more successful frontline bodycam operations

Zepcam all-in-one solution offers a Software Management System that manages all aspects of your body-worn camera operations: devices, users, settings, authorisations, viewing, sharing, and managing videos as legal evidence to resolve conflicts. 

Key Features

  • Manage users, devices and video evidence
  • View live streams and GPS location
  • Redaction options for images and audio
  • Reporting & auditing
  • Flexible and scalable storage options
  • Server flexibility (on premise, hosting & cloud)
  • API for integration with client systems
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The Zepcam Manager offers an easy-to-to-use interface and has a variety of functions like the redaction software for evidence management and editing, as well as local or national privacy regulations.

Body Worn Cameras in your industry

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Body Worn Cameras


At Tactical Solutions, we have spent many years creating a reputation for quality security & detection equipment.
We hold a world-class portfolio of brands that are true market leaders in this category.

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The State-Of-The-Art in Body-Worn Video Cameras

Zepcam is a proven frontline device, a body-worn camera unit that combines all the advanced features needed for police, military, corrections, security, local body and rescue applications.

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Body worn cameras

Zepcam Cameras are designed & field-tested to support:
• Military & Government
• Police & Fire
• Emergency Medical & Rescue
• Corporate/Private Security
• Entertainment & Hospitality
• X-treme Sports/Hobbyists
• True mobile live streaming technology

Zepcam T3 live battery capacity lasts for 16 hours of continuous recording or 10 hours continuous streaming.

You decide your video resolution streaming options including 1440P, 1296P, 1080P, 720P, 360P live streaming on the T3 Live.

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Tactical Solutions have spent many years creating a reputation for supplying quality security & detection equipment. We hold a world class stable of brands that are true market leaders within this category.

The Zepcam T3 Live is a body-worn video system that is able to wirelessly stream video and data to computers and command & control centers. The system is developed for professionals in public safety, special operations, and industry.

The unit offers live streaming via 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wifi.

The Zepcam T3 LIVE comes with management software for live viewing storage, user and device management, and video management. The software is available as cloud service and own server software.

The powerful software offers many functionalities that make professional bodycam use easy, efficient, and reliable. For small and large organisations.

  • Complete solution
  • Capture and stream
  • Wireless streaming
  • Smart bandwidth management for reliable low latency streaming
  • Easy to use and rugged body cams
  • Secure storage
  • Store on Zepcam cloud or own server
  • View and manage
  • Zepcam software or integrated with 3rd party video management systems

Zepcam software

The Zepcam T3 LIVE comes with management software for live viewing storage, user and device management, and video management. The software is available as cloud service and own server software.

The powerful software offers many functionalities that make professional bodycam use easy, efficient, and reliable. For small and large organisations.

Zepcam’s T2 High definition body camera is part of an
integrated solution for managing users, devices and video


It offers a docking station that supports entry of user ID when taking a camera. This enables the system to seamlessly track individual users, regardless of the camera they use.

Highly secure

  • Video is highly effective evidence in case of incidents
  • Visual aggression reduction and deterrence
  • Integrate bodycams into your existing video management system
  • Dock and upload
  • Secure storage on Zepcam cloud or own server
  • View and manage on Zepcam software or 3rd party video management systems
  • Place tags and integrated GPS coordinator tracker

T2 Docking Station

  • Charges body camera twice as fast
  • End-to-end secure (AES 256-bit encrypted) to the Zepcam cloud or own server
  • All videos offloaded automatically
  • Firmware of camera will be updated automatically, making new features available as they arrive

Live wireless IP from any location

The Zepcam Mobile Video Box is a flexible and easy to use solution for wireless video surveillance for IP cameras. The Mobile Video Box
comes with integrated back end software. It is an effective way to wirelessly stream and remotely manage surveillance cameras using
3G/4G or Wifi. The solution is easy to integrate with 3rd party video management software.

  • Live streams over 3G, 4G and wifi
  • Local storage in HD quality
  • Remote retrieval is supported
  • Connect up to 4 IP cameras
  • GPS location tracked and synced with video in real time
  • Remotely manage devices
  • Easy setup
  • Trigger based streaming (motion detection, GPS location, or IO triggers.
  • End-to-end security
  • Full control over data use. You decide how much bandwidth to allow.

The Zepcam hardware camera solutions (body worn video and mobile video) are supported by own software solutions. Zepcam develops in
house hardware and software. This guarantees optimal technical integration, excellent stability and the flexibility to develop and deploy new functionalities.

The Zepcam Cloud Service and Zepcam Video Server Software makes live viewing and remote managing possible. Live video and data streams can easily be integrated in existing video management software or command & control infrastructure.

Zepcam has integrations with the leading Video Management Systems like Genetec Security Center, Milestone, Cisco VSOM, OnSSi/Seetec and several others.

  • Available as cloud service and own server software
  • For small and large organisations
  • Create smaller files for easier handling and analysis
  • Cut your video files using Zepcam Manager
  • Use the slider to create your selection and confirm. A new file is created without compromising the original video file
  • Use the language selector to change the language of the Zepcam software. Currently supported languages are English, German
    and Dutch. More languages will follow soon.
  • Some clients prefer to assign one camera to one fixed user. Others need more flexibility. The T2 Docking Station supports the entry
    of a user ID when taking a camera. This way the system connects recorded video to individual users, regardless of the camera
  • Officers in the field can place a tag (event) while recording and create tags after uploading. Both types of events are shown in
    Zepcam Manager software and can be complemented with comments. Together with the map position this gives valuable context
    to recorded video and speeds up searching through large amounts of video.
  • The T2 bodycams are able to record the GPS position while capturing video. After offloading to the server users can view their
    recorded positions and tracks on a map. The video and map position are synchronised displayed, perfect for detailed analysis.
  • The Zepcam system logs activities of all users, devices and integrated external software systems. Logged activities include upload,
    archive, replay, deletion of evidence, user and device management.
  • The Zepcam Desktop Software takes care of automatic file transfer of recorded video and data from Zepcam bodycams to
    computer and Zepcam Cloud or Server Software.

Zepcam cloud

Server Software

Zepcam Connect

Secure and scalable solution hosted by Zepcam Client hosted software, same functionalities as Zepcam Cloud Desktop software to manage one T2 bodycam
BENEFITS: Feature-rich solution. Easy to setup and to manage. No load on internal IT department. Secure and scalable. BENEFITS: Complete control over hosting environment. Set up according internal security regulations. BENEFITS: Basic software to offload videos and manage settings. Connect to Zepcam cloud or own server.

Bodycam data can be difficult to manage. Finding a balance between plans that give you optimuim live streaming capabilities that are sustainable and affordable are difficult to come by out the box.

The body camera footage that was streamed during the event used mobile bodycam data plans that Tactical Solutions have worked together with the major mobile service providers across New Zealand and Australia.

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