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Deep Water Metal Detectors

We only select products with proven capability for deployment in harsh
undersea environments

Rugged dependability with superb detection capabilities

The CEIA CMD/DW underwater metal detector has won converts in the military and civil arenas, being utilised for mine and explosives detection as well as for locating structures during demolition and engineering procedures. This detector, which is our first choice for a multitude of sub surface roles, also doubles as a very effective, fully functional ground search detector on dry land.


Deep Water Metal Detectors


At Tactical Solutions, we have spent many years creating a reputation for quality security & detection equipment.
We hold a world-class portfolio of brands that are true market leaders in this category.

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A state-of-the-art testing regime

CEIA products are developed and tested to meet demanding criteria, utilising robotics and advanced production systems to deliver detectors that are clearly exceptional.

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Deep Water Metal Detector

The CEIA CMD/DW is a very high performance, high sensitivity amphibious metal detector certified to detect metal and minimum-metal content targets from ground to fresh or salt water bodies down to depth of 100m.

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Tactical Solutions have spent many years creating a reputation for supplying quality security & detection equipment. We hold a world class stable of brands that are true market leaders within this category.

The watertight control unit withstands the most stringent environmental requirements and standards. All controls are within easy reach of the operator:

  •      Volume adjustment
  •       Sensitivity adjustment
  •       Built-in speaker
  •       Main switch and spring actuated reset switch
  •       Luminous bar indicator of signal intensity
  •       Snap-down cover to mask the LED bar indicator
  •       Headphone connector – RS-232 interface

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