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ADT Advanced Detection Technology Australia Distributor

Advanced Detection Technology is a global under vehicle inspection system superior perimeter security

Advanced Detection Technology, LLC, a leading manufacturer of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS), has been providing solutions for nearly 20 years. Military-grade, side-to-side daylight view, ultra-high definition, intuitive, and user-friendly, our products have proven effective in helping governments, corporations and military installations around the world decrease threats of terrorism, drugs and weapons smuggling 24/7 by increasing entry point security. With the release of our battery-powered Under Vehicle Inspection System, Advanced Detection now offers peace of mind for ad hoc events.
Collaborating with clients worldwide, Advanced Detection Technology engineer under-vehicle inspection systems that are intelligent, battle-tested and made in America. Delivering perimeter protection you can count on. That’s Advanced Detection.
Facility security is no longer confined to military installations; awareness of potential threats has led a wide variety of businesses and organizations, private and public, to partner with Advanced Detection. Currently, we work with government and military officials, local and state police forces and security professionals representing industrial manufacturing, power generation and public utilities, hospitality and finance and banking.
The continued success of Advanced Detection is fueled by innovative thinking and engineering excellence. On-going product development and technical support are integrated into the lifecycle of every product, so that customers become collaborators, supported by an experienced team of security experts — including electrical, mechanical and software engineers.
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