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AUSA 2022: Fischer Connectors delivers easy tactical connectivity for Army 2030 with the KEYSTONE 6 soldier hub

“The soldier is the center of the digital transformation to Army 2030, and Fischer Connectors’ new data and power tactical hub with six ports, Fischer KEYSTONE 6, makes it easy for soldiers to connect and manage all their digital gear,” said Conextivity Group CEO Jonathan Brossard at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C, on October 10, 2022. “KEYSTONE 6 gives the Army 2030 soldier an easy way to manage data and power flow between sights, sensors, night vision devices, radios and digital equipment. Soldiers already know how to use it – they wear it, plug it in, and it just works.”

Fischer Connectors’ latest soldier connectivity solutions include the Fischer KEYSTONE 6 wearable tactical hub, and Fischer UltiMate™ and Fischer MiniMax™ connectors designed to meet the Army’s Nett Warrior standards.

The Fischer KEYSTONE 6 Tactical Hub is the heart of the Army 2030 soldier’s wearable connectivity solution, integrating the power and data flows from all soldier-worn digital devices and a single battery through a lightweight ergonomic component. “Army 2030 will put 24 new systems into the hands of soldiers by FY23, and nearly all these systems require a digital interface,” said Olivier Thormann, Fischer Connectors Product Manager for Fischer KEYSTONE 6 Tactical Hub. “To help soldiers manage new devices such as the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B), the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) and Dismounted Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT), Fischer Connectors has developed KEYSTONE 6 and other new connectivity solutions. Fischer Connectors has tackled the Army 2030 challenges with Swiss-engineered solutions meeting tough Army standards.”

To connect all the soldier’s wearable electronics, Fischer Connectors enhances its industry-leading UltiMate and MiniMax connector designs to meet the technical requirements of the U.S. Army’s Nett Warrior. As a world premiere at AUSA 2022, it unveils the version of its NATO STANAG 4695 compatible Fischer UltiMate™ 80 connector with high current up to 10 A, whose enhanced contact alloy allows for higher conductivity, lower heat rise and optimal performance. Compliant with MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-202, the UltiMate 80 offers an endurance and an environmental and mechanical performance (500h salt mist high resistance corrosion, 10,000 mating cycles) that outperform by far other suppliers’ similar connectors.

security tactical gear
security tactical gear

Preview images of the Fischer KEYSTONE 6 Tactical Hub, the new 6-port data and power tactical hub designed by Fischer Connectors to meet soldiers’ needs to interconnect easily and reliably their ENVG-B, NGSW and PNT devices and systems in the battlefield. Main technical features are: MIL-SPEC design, 100 W power / USB 2.0, embedded ATAK plug-in, Nett Warrior compatible.

security tactical gear

The new version of the NATO STANAG 4695 compatible Fischer UltiMate™ 80 provides high current up to 10 A. Its upgraded contact alloy allows for higher conductivity, lower heat rise and optimal performance.


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